Ram shearing takes place each autumn at Cranmore Park, with wool from the 2006 ram shearing living up to the Cranmore tradition of being fine, white and well aligned. The sheep have five months of wool growth, following lamb shearing in late spring.

The wool produced by the rams was of a consistently high standard, with an average fibre diameter of 17.7 microns. The average fleece weight was excellent, weighing in at 3.02 kilogams per head averaged over 510 rams. The pol merino rams also shore very well, with average fleece weight over the 36 pol rams being 3.01 kilograms.

Bright, white wool

The Cranmore Merino rams from the progeny test matings showed their supremacy again this year, averaging higher fleece weight and producing bright, white wool.

The average fleece weight of the progeny test rams was 3.11 kilograms per head over 235 rams.

Bare breech rams

Special notice was taken this year of rams with bare breech and backside areas. These rams are the ultimate in easy care - with a bare breech and backside reducing the risk of fly strike and other disease issues.

The beauty of a bare breech Cranmore Merino ram is that wool production is not compromised in selection of bare breech - the wool production of the Cranmore Merino bare breech rams is 3.01 kilograms per head averaged over the 38 rams with this trait. Ultimately sheep of this type will not require mulesing.

Wrinkle-free wool

During ram shearing, the shearers commented on the lack of wrinkles in the skin of the Cranmore Merino, stating that the rams were easy to shear with loose skins. This is testament to one of the primary breeding objectives of Cranmore - to breed easy care, plain bodied sheep.

Do you like the sound of the easy care, white wooled Cranmore Merino? Then contact us here at Cranmore Merinos for more information or attend our on-property field day on September 5 at Cranmore Park.